The Incomparable

As it is.. one of the biggest arguments in american music history is " who's the greatest ? " first off.. let me make it clear, if you we"re born in the 80's or later.. you're not qualified to answer this question. Now back to business.. It would be too easy to say Whitney Houston or Luther Vandross but if you do your homework you would change your mind.

There's only a handful of people that even fit in this topic and i'll name them. Whitney, Luther, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Freddie Mercury. Yes I said Freddie Mercury. There was no one and i mean no one who owned a crowd like Queens front man. The only reason I say Ray Charles was better is that no one ever could reach a man's soul like him. Whitney was our baby. Luther and Smokey could sing the lights out but when the old man sang Georgia.. you knew there was none like him. Ever !!!! His soulful voice could change the heart of any man. Yes we lost all the greats.. but even if they we're here.. they all would be more than honored just to stand next to G.O.A.T.

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